Computer Science & Engineering

Computer Science & Engineering course had been started in 2005. Ist batch had passed out in 2008. Three Year Diploma Courses in Computer Science & Engineering from the Year 2005-2006 with an intake of 30 seats have been introduced with an overview to provide the fecund brains with the rudimentary knowledge in the area of Engineering & Technology in the field of Computer Science & Engineering. In this hightech era computer technology is encapsulating all spheres of human needs and aspirations. It has metamorphosed not only the data processing and storage, but also the quality of life, manufacturing and design, communication and transportation. The Diploma of Computer Science & Engineering provides an academic and a research program, through which student can obtain knowledge and skills in digital hardware, microprocessors, software systems and computer networks. A greater emphasis is laid on the electronic based technical knowledge. Moreover the curriculum includes advanced programming language and skills in addition to computer networks and communication & multimedia applications. Overall the Computer Engineering diploma curriculum provides a proper balance of computer systems, Hardware and Software theoretically and practically. Department has staff members who work with packed devotion and enthusiasm. The department keeps pace with the ever varying challenges of modern day industry and is firm in its commitment to produce erudite and conscientious Computer Diploma Engineers and have well equipped infrastructure to meet the requirements.

Hardware and Software

The Department has a consortium of well equipped computational labs for imparting high quality computational service to students. This includes the following hardware resources:-

  • I 5 Computer Systems (26 no.)
  • P 4 Computer Systems (40 no.)
  • DLP/Overhead Projectors
  • Digital Camera

The Computer department include the following system and application licensed softwares:-

  • Red Hat Linux
  • Windows 7
  • Oracle
  • Visual studio 2008
  • MS-Office 2007
  • Turbo C++
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Corel Draw
  • Page Maker
  • Typing Tutor
  • Adobe Dream Weaver
  • Adobe Illustrator


The department is equipped with the following labs:

  • Programming Lab
    • Lab contains 20 systems having Bus Topology
    • Software Installed- C & C++
    • Programming Fundamentals, Data Structures with C & C++
  • Operating Systems / Networking Lab
    • Lab contains 22 systems having Bus Topology.
    • Operating Systems like Window XP,Linux,Unix.
    • Various networking equipments like Switches, Hubs.
  • Database Lab
    • Lab contains 21 systems having Bus Topology.
    • Software Installed : Oracle 10G
  • Multimedia Lab
    • Lab Contains systems with latest configuration
    • Software Installed:
    • Photoshop
    • Illustrator
    • Dreamweaver etc.
    • Hardware Installed:
    • Projector
    • Touch Screen Monitor
    • Sound System etc.